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3 Reasons To Buy A Semi-Truck Vs. Leasing

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A lot of people who are involved in the trucking business think that leasing is the ideal option. Even though it's true that leasing a semi-truck can have its benefits, the truth is that buying is generally better for many owner-operators and trucking companies. These are a few reasons to consider buying rather than leasing, even if you choose a used truck rather than a new one.

1. It Might Not Cost as Much as You Think

Many people choose to lease a semi-truck because they think that they can't afford to actually buy one. However, a semi-truck doesn't have to be as expensive as you think. For example, instead of going out and buying a brand new one, you can always purchase a used semi-truck. Many people are surprised by how much more affordable used trucks can be when compared to similar brand new ones, even if they are only a few years and don't have too many miles on them. If you work with a good used semi-truck dealer, you might find that there are used trucks available that will be a far better choice than a lease and that will be more affordable than you thought it would be.

2. You Can Keep it for Years

Semi-trucks are designed to last for years, even when they are driven constantly. Therefore, you might find that you can enjoy your truck for many years to come. With a lease, you might find that you have to turn the truck in just as you get accustomed to driving it. With your semi-truck that you purchase, however, you will be able to drive it for a long time. Once you get comfortable with it, you might find that you have no interest in turning it in any time soon.

3. Own Something Valuable

When you get your semi-truck paid off, it will be yours. This means that you can sell it later on if you need the money, such as if you get out of the trucking business, or you can use it as a trade-in toward another new or used truck. This is not the case with a lease; even though you'll make those monthly payments, you will not own anything at all at the end of the lease term. If you choose to buy, you might be glad that you did later on when you're able to sell it or trade it in toward another truck.

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10 September 2017