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Time To Get Rid Of That Old Junk Car Eyesore That's Been Sitting On Your Property


Are you tired of looking at that eyesore of an old junk car that's being stored on your property? Luckily, there are a few different options you have to take care of the problem once and for all. Some options are time-consuming and labor intensive, but may be worth the work for you. Other options are so easy that you may wonder why you haven't taken action before now. Here are two options to consider that require different commitments and offer different benefits:

Create A Few New Planters

Creating a few planters for the yard is one effective way to get rid of the eyesore that used to be a working vehicle but is just sitting in your yard. There are many parts on vehicles that can be turned into planters, you just have to disassemble them and fix them up. The tires and rims can be used as planters for herbs and flowers. The front end of a car under the hood can be turned into a huge vegetable garden once the engine and transmission are taken out of it.

If it's a pickup truck that's sitting in your yard, disconnect the bed from it and use it to grow potatoes, corn, or sunflowers. Be creative as you take the vehicle apart – you might be surprised with how many planters you're left with. Once you've collected the vehicle parts you want to use as planters, use some rust remover and paint to give them a makeover before putting them in place and filling them with soil.

You'll likely be left with some leftover parts that you don't want, which can be thrown away, given to a scrap metal company, or used for other projects around the property.

Get Paid to Have it Hauled Away

The easiest and most convenient to get rid of your old junk car is to get paid for having it hauled away from your property. There are a few junk car buyers on the market who are willing to bring a tow truck to your home, pick your junk car up for you, and leave you with cash for the exchange. They'll then take the vehicle back to their shop and strip all the metal from it so it can be recycled and turned into new cars or other products.

The company won't do any stripping on your property, so you don't have to worry about any parts of pieces left behind once the vehicle is towed away. All you have to do is sign the title over to the company you have tow your old car away and they will take care of all the rest for you.  

Contact a company like U Pull & Pay for more information and assistance. 


22 September 2017