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Shopping For A Luxury Camper Or Motorhome: Four Features To Consider

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If purchasing a luxury camper or motorhome is your dream, there are lots of great options available for sale. As you search through the different models and designs, you may want to keep track of the specific features you want in your new recreational vehicle. Use this guide to help determine which luxury features are right for you:

Gourmet Kitchen

Having a gourmet kitchen provides many of the comforts of home, even while you are on the road. You can find standard-sized campers that can accommodate a full-sized refrigerator, as well as a stove and microwave. These gourmet kitchens offer more than just appliances; they also feature designer accents, such as hardwood cabinetry and subway tile. Be sure that the kitchen also offers ample storage space for plates and dry goods.

Expandable Design

While some traditional campers offer expansion options in the form of pop-up tents and rooms, luxury campers and motorhomes take this idea to a new level. The side walls or roofs on these models can expand, creating additional floor space and even extra rooms. This is a great feature if you'll be staying put on a campsite or in an RV park for long periods of time, as it gives you a few ways to stretch out a bit more and feel like you are more at home.

Upscale Bathroom

Having an upscale bathroom can make your camping experience feel more like a luxury vacation. Look for a spacious shower with a built-in bench and a handheld showerhead, and make sure that the vanity offers all of the storage space you need for your everyday essentials. Some campers come with additional amenities, such as double-sink vanities, linen closets, and even marble flooring.

Full-Size Bed

When you are spending days on the road, you want to make sure you get good, relaxing sleep at night. You can find luxury RVs and campers with full-size beds featuring top-of-the-line mattresses. These bedrooms sometimes have enough room for a closet, nightstands, and a dresser, so you can feel at home on the road. For a way to relax and watch movies in bed on your days of rest, look for a camper that features a large-screen television in the main bedroom area.

Of course, there are other features to consider as well, such as captain's chairs for the driver and front passenger, wi-fi access, and picture windows. Visit your local camper dealer, and take a tour of the high-end models on the lot. You might just find the perfect luxury home away from home.


25 September 2017