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3 Things You Should Be Looking For In Your Car


Driving a car requires more than just knowing how to operate the vehicle. In order to safely own and drive a car you need to know how to car for it. Otherwise you could easily hurt yourself or the people around you by driving a car that is not safe to drive. Here are some things you should be looking for in your car to know if it isn't safe to drive.

1. The Car Is Making Noise

Cars aren't necessarily silent, but they also shouldn't be making any terrible noises either. Some of the noises you should be listening for is squealing, grinding, or clanking. Squealing usually means that there is some sort of problem with the brakes or the power steering. Grinding usually means that there is a problem with the transmission, engine, or a rod. And clanking can mean a variety of things, none of them being good.

If you do hear lots of noises coming from the car, take it in right away and get it looked at. These problems will be cheaper to fix if you can get it done early.

2. The Car Is Not Responsive

Another common sign is that the car is responding as quickly as it should. For instance, when you press on the brakes do you have to really push to get it to respond to you? This means tat you have a problems with your brakes or your brake pads. When you shift gears does the car slowly catch, so much so that you even have to shift a couple times to get the shift to take? If so, this means that you have a problem with the transmission. And does the car have a hard time starting? Do you have to turn the key a couple times? If this is the problem, it means there could be an issue with the battery, engine, or even the starter. All of these things should be attended to by a mechanic.

3. The Car Pulls

Lastly, if the car is pulling to one side it could be a variety of things. First it could mean that there is a problem with the tires. If one tire is flat or losing air, it will make the car pull. Second, it could be a problem with the alignment, which if not fixed could damage the tires. And third, if the car swerves while you brake it could be a problem with the brakes.

As you can see knowing the signs that your car needs attention will help you to stay safe. For more information, contact companies like Western Avenue Nissan.


3 October 2017