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Don't Make These Mistakes By Neglecting The Following Car Maintenance

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If you own a vehicle, you likely know how important it is to maintain your vehicle. However, it is possible to make some mistakes that actually do more harm than good. Here are 4 mistakes that you should avoid making to better maintain your vehicle.

Mistake 1: Ignoring The Check Engine Light

One warning light that is crucial to look into is the check engine light. When the light comes on, chances are that your vehicle still seems like it is running smoothly and that it can be ignored, often in hopes that it will turn off on its own. However that light is telling you that something is wrong with the engine and it needs to be serviced. A local mechanic or auto shop will be able to tell you what error code is coming up to trigger that service engine light, and what you will need to do to give your vehicle. 

Mistake 2: Forgetting An Oil Change

Engine oil has an important role of lubricating the moving parts within your engine. If you ignore the indicated mileage that lets you know it is time to have your oil changed, you'll be doing damage to yours without knowing it. Engines can easily overheat when there is too much friction, and it can reduce fuel efficiency. In some instances, parts of the engine can fail due to a lack of lubrication. 

Mistake 3: Neglecting Windshield Wipers

A part of your vehicle that can easily be ignored are your windshield wipers. This part is relatively inexpensive, and you should get new windshield wipers when you notice that they are not working properly. They may work fine in light rain, but will struggle during heavy storms where the rain falls on the windshield must faster than the wipers can get rid of it. Without good windshield wipers, you'll drastically lose visibility when trying to drive during a storm.

Mistake 4: Charging An Air Conditioner That's Low On Refrigerant

If your car's air conditioner is not producing cold air, you'll likely try to recharge the refrigerant to get the cold air flowing again. However, refrigerant is not something that needs to be refilled. If an air conditioner is working properly, the refrigerant sits in a closed system that should not cause the refrigerant to go away. If you are lacking refrigerant it is because of a leak somewhere in the system, you should consider having that leak fixed. 

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28 December 2020